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HQ Football Team, China Bay

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HQ Football Team, China Bay

This picture was labelled 'HQ Football Team', although with no indication of which HQ. RAF China Bay is most likely, as the picture is included amongst other pictures from the same location, but Jessore is also possible.

Many thanks to Ken Creed for sending us these pictures, which were taken by his wife's uncle Terry Ruff during his time with No.357 Squadron, a special operations unit that operated over Burma, Malaya and Sumatra.

May 9, 1943 – Wilmeth Sidat-Singh Dead

Syracuse University basketball and football star, Wilmeth Sidat-Singh (center), was often referred to in the press as Hindu (a term at the time used to describe someone of Indian heritage). Singh, however, was born to African American parents. After his father died, his mother remarried a man from the West Indies who adopted young Wilmeth Webb.

While he never claimed to be something he wasn’t (and often tried to clear up the error in the press to no avail), this popular misconception allowed Sidat-Singh to travel and play with teammates to a schools that did not allow African Americans to compete in sports. An article finally explaining his true ethnicity cost him the opportunity to play in a game soon after in Maryland. The star halfback, known as the Syracuse Walking Dream, sat on the sidelines as the Orangemen lost the game, powerless to assist his teammates.

After college, there were no opportunities for an African American in professional sports, so Sidat-Singh played for two barnstorming teams, the Syracuse Reds and the Harlem Renaissance.

In 1943, he answered the call to serve his country and became a member of the famed Tuskegee Airmen. On May 9, 1943, his engine failed during a training mission over Lake Huron and Sidat-Singh drowned. He was 25 years old.

Guatemala: A chance to learn

The Guatemalans asked if they could watch the Americans practice -- the day before the teams were schedule to face off.

In the U.S., a request like this would be laughed at, ridiculed, splashed across social media. No team would let its next competitor watch it practice.

U.S. head coach Kirk Talley declined the Guatemalans' request. Instead, he invited them to practice along with his squad.

Word quickly spread through the dormitory on the campus of Monterrey Institute of Technology, where all five teams were staying, that Guatemala and the U.S. would be practicing together. Soon after practice began, about 30 players from China sprinted toward the field with their helmets and shoulder pads, ready to join in. Talley had to improvise. He added 30 minutes of individual drills to the start of practice so the Guatemalans and Chinese players could get hands-on training.

U.S. running back Kennedy Hill eludes Guatemalan linebacker Pablo Arzu during the Americans' 61-0 victory. Jonathan Levinson for ESPN

"I have personally learned a lot from the American guys because they spend time teaching you," said Oscar Perdomo, a 33-year-old middle linebacker and left guard. "They are really good guys. They are conscious of how football is in Guatemala."

Three years ago, American football was barely alive in Guatemala. Interest was low. Participation was even lower. But Perdomo and others who believed in the sport began building it at a grassroots level. Perdomo runs the First Down Academy in Guatemala -- what he says is the largest football academy in the country with about 50 kids ages 5 to 14.

A year ago, a high school flag football league was started. Recently, the first field specifically for American football was built in Guatemala City.

Most of Guatemala's players, who range in age from 17 to 35, have been playing the sport for six years or less. It didn't matter to them that they were held scoreless during the WUC event.

"To be here and to play and represent our country and to be the first guys in a world championship, that means a lot to us," said receiver Pablo Martinez, a 28-year-old engineer. "We know that we don't have the biggest team or the many numbers of the guys on the team. We are representing our country. It doesn't matter."

Weddings in Sport

    Actress and skating champ Kristy Swanson (39) weds 1993 World Pair Skater Champion Lloyd Eisler (45) at The Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, California Victoria's Secret Angel model Adriana Lima (31) weds NBA player Marko Jaric (33) in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

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Feb 14 Cricketer Martin Crowe (46) weds former Miss Universe Lorraine Downes (44) in an intimate ceremony

Wedding of Interest

Feb 26 Supermodel Gisele Bundchen (32) weds NFL New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (35) at St. Monica Catholic Church in Santa Monica

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Mar 21 Olympic gold medalist Kim Rhode (29) weds technician Michael Harryman in El Monte, California

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Apr 11 Tennis champion Roger Federer (27) weds former WTA tennis player Miroslava Vavrinec (31) in Basel, Switzerland

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Apr 17 World's no. 1 professional tennis player Andy Roddick (29) weds fashion model and actress Brooklyn Decker (25) in Austin, Texas

    American Olympic swimming gold medalist Amanda Beard (27) weds photographer Sacha Brown (34) in Wakatobia, Indonesia Actress Jennifer Freeman (23) weds NBA guard Earl Watson (29) in Beverly Hills, California

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Jun 9 Boxing legend Mike Tyson (43) weds Lakiha Spicer (32) at La Bella Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Jun 12 Tennis ace Boris Becker (41) weds model Sharlely Kerssenberg in St Moritz, Switzerland

    "Playboy Playmate" model Kendra Wilkinson (24) weds NFL player beau Hank Baskett (26) at the Playboy Mansion in Bel Air, California

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Sep 27 Businesswoman and TV personality Khloé Kardashian (28) weds NBA basketball forward Lamar Odom (32) in Beverly Hills, California

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Oct 10 Ice hockey right winger Pavel Bure (38) weds model Alina Khasanova (23) in Moscow, Russia

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As it happened: Persistent U.S. breaks down China, goes into semis

Alex Morgan and the USWNT take on China PR in the quarterfinal.

The Americans seemed to dash their attacking demons against China PR on Friday, holding out to win 1-0 over a poor Chinese team. China PR were indeed organized, as the billing before the match had indicated, but the USWNT were solid at the back and even better in attack to pull out what might have been a blowout if the Americans had finished some of their better chances.

Solid all-around game from our #USA ladies. Controlled the match. Wambach's a G and Johnston only knows Beast Mode. Proud. #USWNT #1N1T

&mdash Jozy Altidore (@JozyAltidore) June 27, 2015

Congrats to @ussoccer_wnt on their win over China. Great contributions from @AmyRodriguez8,@kohara19 , and @moeebrian . Team play, team win!

&mdash Mia Hamm (@MiaHamm) June 27, 2015

FT: That’s it! The USA is through to the semis for a date with Germany. If the Americans can keep up the pressure and defensive acument that they had against China PR, we might be in for a great game on Tuesday, June 30.

85′ : Great pass by Heath to Press. Wambach comes on for A-Rod. She last for longer than previously thoguht. Let’s see if the USWNT can hold on to this lead.

80′ : As Heather O’Reilly makes her way onto the field, check out this video of Lloyd putting the U.S. ahaed.

75′ : China PR still look a bit toothless in attack. Solid chances still being created by the USWNT and this is the way the Americans need to close out games. Consistent pressure, still looking dangerous in attack and an absolute bunker of a defense. If they keep it up, they may give Germany a good game.

70′ : Solo called into action, really for the first time this entire match. Not a great corner but she might ahve done better with the punch. China look frustrated and lacking options in attack. A-Rod looks tired and her and Morgan are making the same runs. Be surprising if she stayed on the pitch past the 80 minute.

65′ : China starting to put the pressure on, down a goal. Whether it results in anything will depend on American Hero Julie Johnston and Sauerbrunn staying alert on the defensive end.

64′ : Here’s a look at that save by Wang Fei on Lloyd. Absolute rocket.

60′ : Press appears to be getting ready to enter for the U.S. and she comes on for O’Hara. Interesting choice as a substitute. Let’s see if she can improve on her past performances in this World Cup.

55′ : Guessing by performances, thinking that A-Rod is the first one off for the USWNT to give some minutes to Syd or Christen Press. Both are dynamic forwards who can really pressure China’s backline.

51′ : Goal! USWNT are on top 1-0 after Johnston’s deep ball finds Lloyd, who buries a header for the first goal of the game. The question that seems to be on everyone’s mind now: "Will the flood gates open, or is this a one-off?"

50′ : USWNT attack starting to look a bit out of sync in the opening minutes of the second half. China PR still not posing much of a threat offensively but the Chinese’s bunker mentality is frustrating the U.S. attack.

45′ : Don’t let the 0-0 scoreline going into halftime fool you, this game has been incredibly one-sided — as evidenced by Morgan’s sliding shot that almost broke the deadlock in extra time. Should be an interesting team talk for both teams at half. Let’s see what Jill Ellis elects to do with the lineup, whether it be introducing a new attacker or switching up the formation. Hint: It will probably be the former.

40′ : The USWNT’s line is becoming increasingly high as Sauerbrunn and Johnston are at least 10-14 yards within the opponents half. China should just boot it up he field to relieve some pressure and catch the defenders out of position.

37′ : Carli Lloyd lets out an absolute rocket of a free kick and Wang Fei punches it out before it goes into the upper 90. She also appears to hae hurt her wrist on the shot.

35′ : China PR make the first substitution for the player that collided with Johnston earlier in the game. Game has cooled off a bit in the last few minute but USWNT still pushing and limiting the Chinese to poor crosses and half-chances.

30′ : This is the type of pressure that the USWNT was expected to play coming into the World Cup. Americans finally playing to their place early in the game and it’s really no surprise that they’re dominating.

26′ : Johnston puts a shot on goal but it’s cleared off the line.

25′ : Some great attacking play by the U.S. here. Morgan almost gets a headed goal after the Chinese ‘keeper comes far off her line and misses the punch. Dangerous free-kick from Heath results in a missed opportunity.

20′ : Both teams showing solid spells of possession but the USWNT still dominate that stat by a fair margin. Again, it looks like the key to unlocking this Chinese team lies on the flanks, where Kling, Krieger, Heath and O’Hara provide a constant threat. Speaking of O’Hara, she flashes a diving header just wide after a great cross by Heath.

15′ : USWNT has cooled off a bit from its hot start but the Americans still look dangerous going forward. O’Hara is making great runs down the right flank, her touch seems to be a little off but if the USWNT keep working the flanks and firing in crosses, it’ll be able to break down this China PR team.

10′ : China PR starting to press a little bit now and getting more possession. So far each of the players that are new to the starting lineup — Kelley O’Hara, Morgan Brian and A-Rod — look good. This is probably the most we’ve seen the USWNT attack with consistently good chances.

5′ : USWNT have started very well. my Rodriguez blew an easy chance in the second minute when she was one-on-one with the Chinese goalkeeper but the Americans have been very positive in attack so far.

1′ : Let’s get this thing started! USWNT start with the ball and we’re off.

Here are your lineups for today’s game.

#USA lineup: Solo Klingenberg, Sauerbrunn, Johnston, Krieger Heath, Brian, Lloyd, O'Hara Rodriguez, Morgan. #FWWConFOX #CHNUSA #USWNT

&mdash FOX Soccer (@FOXSoccer) June 26, 2015

#CHN lineup: Wang Fei Liu, Wu, Li, Wang Shanshan, Zhao, Lou, Han, Tan, Wang Lisi, Ren. #CHNUSA #FWWConFOX

&mdash FOX Soccer (@FOXSoccer) June 26, 2015

Check out this awesome exchange between Meghan Klingenberg and Michael Keaton.

Thanks @MichaelKeaton! It's cool getting a good luck tweet from Batman! #USA #Pittsburgh

&mdash Meghan Klingenberg (@meghankling) June 26, 2015

Here are a few tweets from celebrities and athletes getting ready for the game.


Archery U.S. Champions Men - Rich McKinney, Glendale, Ariz. Women - Debra Metzger, Lancaster, Pa. Intermediate Boys - J. Kazak, Aurora, Ill. Intermediate Girls - Becky Liggett, Muncie, Ind. Jr. Boys - D. Stinnett, Mogadore, Ohio. Cadet - Brent Gardiner, Farmland, Ind. Cadet Girls - Katie Blum, Cincinnati. Crossbow Men - Erv Myers, Dallastown, Pa. Women - Carol Pelosi, Greenbelt, Md.

Auto Racing World - Nelson Piquet, Brazil. U.S. Grand Prix, Las Vegas, Nev. - Alan Jones, Australia. U.S. Grand Prix - Nelson Piquet. British Grand Prix - John Watson, Britain. USAC Dirt - Larry Rice, Indiana. USAC Sprint - Sheldon Kinser, Indiana. USAC Stock - Dean Roper, Missouri. USAC Midget - Mel Kenyon, Indiana. Can-Am - Jeff Brabham, Australia. CART - Rick Mears, Bakersfield, Calif. Daytona 500-R. Petty, North Carolina. Indy 500 - Bobby Unser. Nascar - Darrell Waltrip. 24 Hours of Le Mans - Jackie Icks, Belgium-Derek Bell, Britain. I.S.M.A. Camel - Brian Redman, Britain.

Badminton U.S. Champions Singles - Chris Kinard, Pasadena, Calif. Women's Singles - Utami Kinard, Pasadena, Calif. Mens's Doubles - John Britton, Calif. -Gary Higgins, Alhambra, Calif. Women's Doubles - Pam Brady, Michigan -Judianne Kelly, California. Mixed Doubles - Danny Brady-Pan Brady, Michigan. A.I.A.W. Open - Arizona State.

Barrel Jumping World - Yvon Jolin Jr., Quebec. U.S. - Ben Sipes, Detroit.

Baseball World Series - Dodgers beat the Yankees, 4 games to 2. American League - East: Yankees West: Oakland A's. National League - East: Montreal Expos West: Dodgers. Most Valuable Player, A.L. - Rollie Fingers, Milwaukee N.L. Mike Schmidt, Philadelphia. Leading Batter, A.L. - Carney Lansford, Boston N.L. - Bill Madlock, Pittsburgh. Hits, A.L. - Rickey Henderson, Oakland N.L. - Pete Rose, Philadelphia. R.B.I., A.L. - Eddie Murray, Baltimore N.L. - Schmidt. Home Runs, A.L. - Murray, Baltimore Dwight Evans, Boston Bob Grich, Calif. Tony Armas, Oak. N.L. -Schmidt. Stolen Bases, A.L. - Henderson N.L. - T. Raines, Montreal. E.R.A., A.L. - Steve McCatty, Oakland N.L. - Nolan Ryan, Houston. Saves, A.L. - Rollie Fingers, Milwaukee N.L. - Bruce Sutter, St. Louis. Cy Young, A.L. - Rollie Fingers, Milwaukee N.L. - Fernando Valenzuela, Los Angeles. A.L. Rookie - Dave Righetti, New York N.L. Rookie - Fernando Valenzuela. N.C.A.A. Division I - Arizona. N.C.A.A. Division II - Florida Southern. N.C.A.A. Division III - Marietta. N.A.I.A. - Grand Canyon. Little League World Series - Taiwan.

Basketball N.B.A. - Boston Celtics. W.B.L. - Nebraska Wranglers. N.B.A. M.V.P. - Julius Erving, Philadelphia. N.B.A. Rookie of the Year - Darrell Griffith, Utah. Scoring - Adrian Dantley, Utah. N.C.A.A. Division I - Indiana. N.C.A.A. Division II - Florida Southern. Division III - Potsdam. N.C.A.A. Scoring Leader (points per game) - Zam Fredrick, South Carolina. College Player of the Year - Mark Aguirre, De Paul. N.A.I.A. - Bethany Nazarene. A.I.A.W. - Louisiana Tech. A.I.A.W. Division II - William Penn. A.I.A.W. Division III - Wis.-LaCrosse. N.I.T. - Tulsa. National Jr. College - Westark, Ark. Women's Nat. J.C.A.A. - Louisberg, N.C. A.A.U. Men - Brewster's Packing, Wash. A.A.U. Women - Seabaskets, Seattle.

Biathlon World Champions Ten km. - Heikki Ikola, Finland. 20 km. - Frank Ullrich, East Germany. U.S. Champions Men's 10 km. - Lyle Nelson, California. Men's 20 km. - Glenn Jobe, California. Women's 10 km. - Betty Stroock, Wyo. Women's 15 km. - Betty Stroock.

Billiards World Champions Men's Pocket - Mick Sigel, Towson, Md. Women's Pocket - Loree-Jon Ogonowski, Garwood, N.J. World Three Cushion - Ludo Dielis, Belgium.

Boardsailing World Championship Heavyweight - Jan Wanggard, Norway. Lightweight Men - Stephan Vanderberg, the Netherlands. Women - Maren Berner, Norway.

Bobsledding U.S. 2-Man - Brent Rushlaw -Bob Burrel, Saranac Lake, N.Y. U.S. 4-Man - United States No. 1, Jim Morgan, Saranac Lake, N.Y. World 2-Man - B. Germeshausen -Hans Jurgen Gerhardt, East Germany. World 4-Man - B. Germeshausen, H. Gerlach, M. Truebner, and H.J. Gerhardt, East Germany.

Bowling P.B.A. Tour Leading Money Winner - Earl Anthony, Dublin, Calif. PBA National Champion - Earl Anthony. Men's World Cup - Bob Worrall, U.S. Women's World Cup - Pauline Smith, England. A.B.C. Champions Singles - Rob Vital, Lancaster, Pa. Doubles - Jim Kontos, Munster, Ind.-Al Bruder, Chicago. All-Events - Rod Toft, St. Paul. Masters-Randy Lightfoot, St. Charles, Mo. Team - Strachota's Milshore Bowl, Milwaukee. Team All Events - Cook County Tobacco No. 2, Chicago. Women's I.B.C. Singles - Virginia Norton, South Gate, Calif. Doubles - Donna Adamek, Duarte, Calif. -Nikki Glanulias, Vallejo, Calif. All-Events - Virginia Norton. Queens - Katsuko Sugimoto, Tokyo. Team - Earl Anthony's Dublin Bowl, Dublin, Calif. National Duckpin Congress Singles - Bart Matteson, Taunton, Mass. Women's Singles - P. Smith, Warwick, R.I. Doubles - Thomas Bohara-Len Gdula, Norwich, Conn. Women's Doubles - Carol Deshong, Riverside, R.I. Diane Mello, Rehoboth, Mass. Team - Legion Major Three, Cranston, R.I. B.P.A.A. Open - Marshall Holman, Medford, Ore. Women's Open - Donna Adamek.

Boxing Professional Champions Heavyweight - Mike Weaver, Los Angeles, recognized by World Boxing Association Larry Holmes, Easton, Pa. recognized by World Boxing Council. Cruiserweight - Carlos DeLeon, Puerto Rico, W.B.C. Light Heavyweight - Michael Spinks, St. Louis., W.B.A. Dwight Braxton, Camden, N. J., W.B.C. Middleweight - Marvin Hagler, Brockton, Mass. Junior Middleweight - Tidashi Mihara, Japan, W.B.A. Wilfred Benitez, Puerto Rico, W.B.C. Welterweight - Ray Leonard, Palmer Park, Md. Junior Welterweight - Aaron Pryor, Cincinnati, W.B.A. Saoul Mamby, Bronx W.B.C. Lightweight - Art Frias, Los Angeles, W.B.A. Alexis Arguello, Nicaragua, W.B.C. Junior Lightweight - Samuel Serrano, Puerto Rico, W.B.A. Rolando Navarette, Honolulu, W.B.C. Featherweight - Eusebio Pedroz, Panama W.B.A. Salvador Sanchez, Mexico, W.B.C. Junior Featherweight - Sergio Palma, Argentina, W.B.A. Wilfredo Gomez, Puerto Rico, W.B.C. Bantamweight - Jeff Chandler, Philadephia, W.B.A. Guadalupe Pintor, Mexico, W.B.C. Junior Bantamweight -Rafael Pedroza, Panama, W.B.A. Chul-Ho Kim, Korea, W.B.C. Flyweight - Katsuo Tokashiki, Japan, W.B.A.Antonio Avelar, Mexico, W.B.C. Junior Flyweight - Juan Herrera, Mexico, W.B.A. Hilario Zapata, Panama, W.B.C.

Canoeing FLATWATER Kayak 500 M. - Terry White, Vermont. Two Men 500 M. - T. White-D. Gilman, S.F. Women's 500 M.- Theresa DiMarino, Washington. Two Women 500 M. - R. Barton-L. Capon, Michigan. 1,000 - Matt Streib, Bristol, Ind. Two Men 1,000 M. - White-Gilman. 10,000 - Bruce Barton, Homer, Mich. Canoe 500 M. - Roland Muhlen, Cincinnati. Two Men 500 M. - Bruce and Barry Merritt, Washington. 1,000 M. - Rod McLain, New York. Two Men 1,000 M. - Bruce and Barry Merritt. 10,000 - Bruce Merritt. Whitewater Men's Single - J. Lathrop, Barthlett, N.H. Women's Tandem - Lilly Gilbert -Nancy Shelhourse, Virginia Beach, Va. Men's Tandem - Randy Drake & Norm Hecker, New York. Women's Slalom Single - Bunny Johns, Bryson City, N. C. Wildwater Kayak - Dan Schnurrenberger, Silver Spring, Md. Women's Kayak - Carol Fisher, Hanover, N. H. Men's Single Canoe - Chuck Lyda, Olympic Valley, Calif. Men's Tandem Canoe - Bern Collins -Stan Janas, Virginia.

Casting U.S. Champions Men's all-around - Steve Rajeff, S.F. Men's all-accuracy - Steve Rajeff. Women's all-accuracy - Brenda Mac Sporran, Toronto.

Court Tennis U.S. Open - Graham Hyland, Austria. U.S. Amateur - Gene Scott, New York. U.S. Senior - William Vogt, Philadelphia. U.S. College - Steve Loughran, Princeton.

Cricket World Series Cup - Australia.

Croquet Singles - Richard Pearman, Bermuda.

Cross Country World Champions Men - Craig Virgin, United States. Women - Grete Waitz, Norway. Men's Team - Ethiopia. Women's Team - Soviet Union. United States Champions Athletics Congress - Craig Virgin, U.S.A. Athletics Congress Women - Grete Waitz, Norway. N.C.A.A. Team - Texas-El Paso. N.C.A.A. Women's Team - Virginia. N.C.A.A. Women - Betty Jo Springs, North Carolina N.C.A.A. Division I - Mathews Motshwarateu, Texas-El Paso. N.C.A.A. Division II - Mark Conover, Humboldt. N.C.A.A. Division II Team - Millersville. N.C.A.A. Division III Individual - Mark Whalley, Principia. N.C.A.A. Division III Team - N. Central. N.A.I.A. - Pat Porter, Adams State. N.A.I.A. Team - Adams State. N.A.I.A. Women's Team - Adams State. N.A.I.A. Individual - M. Jaqua, Adams St. A.I.A.W. Division I - Dorothe Rasmussen, Iowa St. A.I.A.W. Division I Team - Iowa State. A.I.A.W. Division II - Patsy Sharples, Idaho. A.I.A.W. Division II Team - Utah. A.I.A.W. Division III - Debbie Thomatz, St. Thomas. A.I.A.W. Division III Team - St. Thomas

Curling World Men - Switzerland. World Women - Sweden. U.S. Men - Superior, Wis. U.S. Women - Seattle rink.

Cycling Tour de France Bernard Hinault, France. World Pro Champions Sprint - Koichi Nakano, Japan. Pursuit - Alain Bondue, France. Road - Freddy Maertens, Belgium. Woman's Road - Ute Enzenhauer, West

Germany. United States Champions Road Racing Sr. Men - Tom Broznowski, Washington. Sr. Women - Connie Carpenter, Colorado. Track Racing Men Sprint - Les Barczewski, Colorado. Pursuit - Leonard Nitz, Pennsylvania. Women Sprint - Sheila Young-Ochowicz, Wis. Pursuit - Rebecca Twig, Washington.

Darts U.S. Men - Cam Melchiore, Berwick, Pa. U.S. Women - Terri Marcello, Trenton.

Dog Shows Best-in-Show Winners Westminster (New York) - Ch. Dhandy's Favorite Woodchuck, pug, owned by Robert A. Hausiohner of Philadelphia. Westchester, Tarrytown, N.Y. - Ch. Beaucrest Ruffian, Bouvier des Flandres, owned by Pat and Roy Schiller of Ijamsville, Md. International (Chicago, Spring) - Ch. Dhandy's Favorite Woodchuck.

Fencing United States Champions Foil - Mark Smith, Atlanta. Women's Foil - Jana Angelakis, Peabody, Mass. Epee - Lee Shelly, Salle Orsi, Rutherford, N.J. Saber - Peter Westbrook, New York. Men's Foil team - New York Fencers Club. Women's Foil team - Itinerant Fencing and Chowder Society, Texas. Saber Team - New York Fencers Team. Epee Team - U. S. Pentathlon Assn.. National College Champions Men's Foil - Ernie Simon, Wayne State. Epee - Gil Pezza, Wayne State. Saber - Paul Friedberg, Pennsylvania. Team - Pennsylvania. Women's Foil - Jana Angelakis, Penn St. Women's Team - Penn. State.

Field Hockey Men's F.H.A.A. Champions - United States West Senior Team. N.E.F.H.A. - Westchester Field Hockey Club, New York.

Figure Skating World Champions Men - Scott Hamilton, United States. Women - Denise Biellman, Switzerland. Pairs - Irina Vorobieva -Igor Lisovsky, U.S.S.R. Dance - Jayne Torvill-Christopher Dean, Britain. United States Champions Men - Scott Hamilton, Haverford, Pa. Women - Elaine Zayak, Paramus, N.J. Pairs - Caitlin and Peter Carruthers, Wilmington, Del. Dance - Judy Blumberg -Michael Seibert, Colorado Springs.

Football COLLEGE Eastern, Lambert Trophy - Penn State Lambert Cup, Shippensburg Lambert Bowl, Widener. Heisman Trophy - Marcus Allen, U.S.C. N.C.A.A. Division 1-AA - Idaho N.C.A.A. Division II - Southwest Texas St. N.C.A.A. Division III - Widener. N.A.I.A. Division I - Elon. N.A.I.A. Division II - tie between Austin and Concordia. PROFESSIONAL National Football League A.F.C. EAST - Miami. A.F.C. Central - Cincinnati. A.F.C. West - San Diego. N.F.C. East - Dallas. N.F.C. Central - Tampa Bay. N.F.C. West - San Francisco. Leading rusher - George Rogers, N.O. Leading passer - Ken Anderson, Cin. Leading receiver - Kellen Winslow, S.D. Canadian Football League

Frisbee World Champions Men's Overall - Scott Zimmerman, Sierra Madre, Calif. Women's Overall - Judy Horowitz, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

Golf Men U.S. Open - David Graham. U.S. Amateur - Nathaniel Crosby. Masters - Tom Watson. P.G.A. Championship - Larry Nelson. British Open - Bill Rogers. Ryder Cup - United States. Vardon Trophy - Tom Kite, Austin, Texas. Leading Money Winner - Tom Kite. P.G.A. Player of the Year - Bill Rogers. U.S. Public Links-J. Mudd, Louisville, Ky. U.S.G.A. Senior - Bill Hyndman, Huntingdon Valley, Pa. U.S.G.A. Junior - Scott Erickson, Villa Park, Calif. N.C.A.A. Division I - Ron Commans, Southern California. N.C.A.A. Division II - Tom Patri, Florida Southern N.C.A.A. Division III - Ryan Fox, North Carolina-Greensboro. N.C.A.A. Team - Brigham Young. N.A.I.A. - Danny Mijovic, Tex. Wesleyan. N.A.I.A. Team - Sam Houston State. Women U.S. Open - Pat Bradley. U.S. Amateur - Juli Inkster, Los Altos, Calif. L.P.G.A. - Donna Caponi. Leading Money Winner - Beth Daniel. Player of the Year - Joanne Carner. World Championship - Beth Daniel. Vare Trophy - J. Carner. U.S.G.A. Senior - Dorothy Porter, Cinnaminson, N.J. U.S.G.A. Junior - Kay Cornelius, Scottsdale, Az. U.S.G.A. Public Links - Mary Enright, San Leandro, Calif. A.I.A.W. - Terri Moody, Athens, Ga. A.I.A.W. Team - Florida State. A.I.A.W Div.II - William and Mary. A.I.A.W Div. III - California St. -Sacramento.

Gymnastics World Champions Men Floor Exercises - tie, Li Yue Jiu, China Yuri Korolev, U.S.S.R. Pommel Horse - tie, Micheal Nikolay, E. Germany Li Xiaoping, China. Still Rings - Dityatin, U.S.S.R. Vault - Peter Ralf Herman, E. Germany. Parallel Bars - Dityatin and Koji Gushiken, Japan. Horizontal Bar - Aleksandr Tkachev, U.S.S.R. Individual Combined - Yuri Korolev, U.S.S.R. Team - U.S.S.R. Women Floor Excercises - Natalia Illenko, U.S.S.R.. Balance Beam - Maxi Gnauck, East Germany. Asymmetric Bars - Maxi Gnauck. Vault - Maxi Gnauck. Individual Combined - Olga Bicherova,

U.S.S.R. Team - U.S.S.R. United States Champions All-Round U.S.G.F. Men's Champion - Jim Hartung, Omaha. U.S.G.F. Women's Champion Women's -Tracee Talavera, Eugene, Ore. N.C.A.A. Div. I - Nebraska. N.C.A.A. Div. II - Wisconsin-Oshkosh. A.I.A.W. Div. I - Utah. A.I.A.W. Div. II - Centenary. A.I.A.W. Div. III - California -Davis. N.A.I.A. - Wisconsin -Oshkosh. N.J.C.A.A. - Odessa College.

Handball U.S. Handball Association Four-Wall Men Singles - Fred Lewis, Tucson, Ariz. Challengers - Alfoso Monreal, El Paso. Seniors - Ernie Virgili, Kenosha, Wis. Collegiate Team - tie between Lake Forest Texas A and M. Doubles - Tom Kopatich-Jack Roberts, Chicago. Women Singles - Rosemary Bellini, New York. Doubles - R. Bellini, New York and Sue Oakland, Texas.

Harness Racing U.S.T.A. Awards Horse of the Year - Fan Hanover. Pacer of the Year - Fan Hanover. Trotter of the Year - Panty Raid. Aged Trotter - Final Score. Aged Trotting Mare - Kading. Aged Pacer - Royce. Aged Pacing Mare - Toy Poodle. 3-Year-Old Trotting Colt - Banker Barker. 3-Year-Old Pacing Colt - Seahawk Hanover. 3-Year-Old Trotting Filly - Panty Raid. 3-Year-Old Pacing Filly - Fan Hanover. 2-Year-Old Trotting Colt - Self Confident. 2-Year Old Pacing Colt - McKinzie Almahurst. 2-Year-Old Trotting Filly - Crevette. 2-Year Old Pacing Filly - Three Diamonds. Leading Race Winners Trotting American Championship - Kading. Hambletonian - Shiaway St. Pat. Yonkers Trot - Mo Bandy. Kentucky Futurity - Filet of Sole. Roosevelt International - Ideal de Gazeau. Pacing Little Brown Jug - Fan Hanover U.S. Pacing Championship - Royce. Cane - Wildwood Jeb. Messenger - Seahawk Hanover. Meadowlands Pace - Conquered. Woodrow Wilson Memorial - McKinzie Almahurst.

Hockey National Hockey League Stanley Cup - New York Islanders. Regular Season - Patrick Division, New York Islanders Smythe Division, St. Louis Blues Norris Division, Montreal Canadiens Adams Division, Buffalo Sabres. Most Valuable Player (Hart Trophy)-Wayne Gretzky, Edmonton. Top Defenseman - Randy Carlyle, Pittsburgh. Rookie of the Year - Peter Stastny, Quebec. Scoring Champion - Gretzky. Leading Goalies - R. Sevigny, D. Herron, M.Larocque, Montreal. Coach of the Year - Red Berenson, St.Louis. Lady Byng - Rick Kehoe, Pittsburgh.. MVP-Stanley Cup - Butch Goring, Islanders. College N.C.A.A. Division I - Wisconsin. N.C.A.A. Division II - Lowell. E.C.A.C. Division I - Providence. N.A.I.A. - Augsberg College. World Gold - Russia. Silver - Sweden Bronze - Czechoslovakia.

Horse Racing Eclipse Award Champions Horse of Year - John Henry. Older Horse - John Henry. Older Filly or Mare - Relaxing. 3-Year-Old Colt - Pleasant Colony. 3-Year-Old Filly - Wayward Lass. 2-Year-Old Colt - Deputy Minister. 2-Year-Old Filly - Before Dawn. Sprinter - Guilty Conscience. Male Turf Horse - John Henry. Female Turf Horse - De La Rose. Steeplechase - Zacchio. Owner - Dotsam Stable. Breeder - Golden Chance Farm. Trainer - Ron McAnally. Jockey - Bill Shoemaker. Apprentice Jockey - Richard Migliore. Race Winners Belmont Stakes - Summing. Epsom Derby - Shergar. Futurity - Irish Martini. Kentucky Derby - Pleasant Colony. Marlboro Cup - Noble Nashua. Preakness Stakes - Pleasant Colony. Travers - Willow Hour. Washington Int. - Providencial II.

Horseshoe Pitching World Champions Men - Walter Ray Williams, Chino, Calif. Women - Vicky Winston, LaMonte, Mont.

Horse Shows World Cup Winner - Michael Matz riding Jet Run. U.S. Equestrian Championships Three-Day Eventing - Bruce Davidson, on his J.J. Babu. Open Jumping Championship - Michael Matz on the U.S.E.T.'s Honest Tom. A.H.S.A. -U.S.E.T. National Dressage -Ellin Dixon on her Chigwell. U.S.E.T. National Driving Championship -William Lower with a U.S.E.T. four in hand team.

Ice Boating World DN Class - Henry Bossett, Point Pleasant, N.J.

Jai-Alai World Front Court - Bolivar I. World Back Court - Ondarru.

Judo United States Champions Men 132 lb. - Rod Condurages, Wantagh, N.Y. 143 lb. - James A. Martin, Alhambra, Calif. 156 lb. - Mike Swain, Bridgewater, N.J. 172 lb. - Nicky Yonezuka, Watchung, N.J. 189 lb. - Robert Berland, Chicago. Under 209 lb. - Leo White, U.S. Army. Over 209 lb. - D. Nelson, Englewood, N.J. Open - M. Santa Maria, Roselle Park, N.J. Women 106 lb. - D. Anaya, Albuquerque, N.M. 114 lb. - Robin Takemori, Alexandria, Va. 123 lb. - Darlene Hill, Memphis. 134 lb. - Robin Chapman, Cranford, N.J. 145 lb. - Chris Penack, San Jose, Calif. 158 lb. - Heide Baversachs, New York. Over 158 lb. - Juanita Cardwell, Tallahasse, Fla. Open - Karen Mackey, Sioux City, Iowa.

Karate U.S. Men's Form - Domingo Llanos, Haverstraw, N.Y. U.S. Women's Form - Pam Glaser, Hartford.

Lacrosse N.C.A.A. Division I - North Carolina. N.C.A.A. Division II - Adelphi. N.C.A.A. Division III - Hobart. A.I.A.W. - Maryland. A.I.A.W. Division II - Delaware. A.I.A.W. Division III - Trenton. U.S. Open - Long Island A.C.

Lawn Bowling U.S. Men - Skip Arculli, Nutley, N.J. U.S. Women - Ann Sisson, Berkeley, Calif.

Luge World Champions Men - Sergei Damilin, U.S.S.R. Women - Melitta Sollman, East Germany.

Modern Pentathlon United States Champion Men - Micheal Burley, Berea, Ohio.

Motorboating APBA Unlimited Hydroplanes - Dean Chenoweth, Tallahassee, Fla. APBA Gold Cup - D. Chenoweth. UIM World Unlimited - Chenoweth. UIM World Offshore - Jerrr Jacobi, Old Westbury, L.I. APBA Offshore National - Betty Cook, Newport Beach, Calif.

Motorcycling World 500 cc - Marco Lucchinelli, Italy. World 500 cc motorcross - Andre Malherbe, Belgium. National 500 cc motorcross - Broc Glover, El Cajon, Calif. Grand National Dirt Track - Mike Kidd, Boyd, Tex.

Paddleball United States Champions Men's open - Steve Wilson, Flint, Mich. Men's Doubles - Andy Kisalo and Andy Mitchell, Kalamazoo, Mich. Women's Singles - Caprice Behner, St. Charles, Ill. Women's Doubles - Grace Louwsma and Judy Shirley, Ann Arbor, Mich.

Paddle Tennis National Open Champions Men's Singles - Mark Rifenback, L.A. Women's Singles - Anna Casteneda, Santa Monica, Calif. Men's Doubles - Sol Hauptman-Jeff Fleitman, New York. Women's Doubles - Kathy May, and Nena Perez, Venice, Calif. Mixed Doubles - Andrea Buchanan, Venice, Calif. and Sol Hauptman, New York.

Platform Tennis United States Champions Men's Singles - Doug Russell, New York. Women's Singles - Robin Fulton, Norwalk, Conn. Men's Doubles - Steve Baird, Port Chester, N.Y, and Rich Maier, Allendale, N.J. Women's Doubles - Yvonne Hackenberg, Kalamazoo, Mich., and Hilary Hilton, Glen Ellyn, Ill. Mixed Doubles - Hilary Hilton, Glen Elyn, Ill.-Doug Russell, New York.

Polo National U.S. Open - Rolex A and K. Gold Cup (18-22 Goals) - Boca Raton, Fla. World Cup - Boehm Palm Beach. America Cup - Boca Raton, Fla. Women's College - California -Davis.

Quarter Horses All-American Futurity - Special Effort. All-American Derby - Higheasterjet

Racquetball United States Champions Open - Ed Andrews, San Diego. Men's Doubles - Ed Andrews-Mark Martino, California. Women's Open - C. Baxter, Lewiston, Pa. Women's Doubles - Carol Frenck -Andrea Katz, Va. Pro - Marty Hogan, San Diego. Women's Pro - Heather McKay, Toronto.

Racquets World Champion - John Prenn, England. U.S. Open - D. McLernon, Montreal. U.S. Open Doubles - D. McLernon and Mike McMaster, Montreal. U.S. Amateur - D. McLernon.

Rodeo World Champions P.R.C.A. All-Round - Jimmie Cooper, Monument, N.M. Calf roping - tie: Jimmie Cooper and Roy Cooper, Durant, Okla. Bull riding - Denny Flynn, Charleston, Ark. Bareback Bronc Riding - Jimmy Cleveland, Durant, Okla. Barrel Racing - Donna Krening, Eaton, Colo. Saddle Bronc Riding - Bobby Berger, Lexington, Ky. Steer Wrestling - Roy Duvall, Checotah, Okla. Team Roping - Jerold Camarillo, Oakdale, Calif.

Roller Skating United States Champions Figure Men's singles - Tony St. Jacques, Virginia Beach, Va. Women's singles - Rita Drago, Landisville, N.J. Class Pairs - Tina Kneisley-Paul Price, Brighton, Mich. World Dance - Holly Valente-Bill Richardson, Walthum, Me. Speed Men - Robb Dunn, Farmington Hills, Mich. Women - Linda Swaim, High Point, N.C.

Rowing F.I.S.A. Lightweight Champions Single - Scott Roop, Syracuse. Doubles - Bill Belden, Silver Medalist, N.Y.A.C. and Paul Fuchs, Detroit B.C. Eastern Sprints Lightweight Varsity Grand - Princeton. Heavyweight Varsity Grand - Yale. Heavyweight J.V. Grand - Cornell. Lightweight J.V. Grand - Yale. Heavyweight Freshman Grand - Penn. Lightweight Freshman Grand - Princeton. I.R.A. Freshman Four With Coxswain - Pennsylvania A. Varsity Pair With Coxswain - Penn. Varsity Pair Without Coxswain - Wisconsin. Varsity Four With Coxswain - Syracuse. Varsity Four Without Coxswain - Cornell. Freshman Eight - Brown. Varsity Eight - Cornell. N.A.A.O. National Champions Elite four with Coxswain - N.Y.A.C. Elite Four Without - Vesper B.C. Elite Single - N.Y.A.C. Elite Double - N.Y.A.C. Elite Pair With - Vesper B.C. Elite Pair Without - Pennsylvania A. Elite Quad - N.Y.A.C. Elite Eight - National Lightweight Camp. Women's Nationals Elite Single - Darthmouth. Elite Quad - Dartmouth, Lake Washington Rowing club, and Pennsylvania. Elite Pair Without - Lake Merritt Rowing Club, and 1980 Rowing club. Elite Four With - 1980 Rowing club Lake Washington Rowing club. Elite Double - Dartmouth. Elite Eight - U. of Washington Lake Washington Rowing club.

Rugby Test Match - Canada 6, United States 3. Test Match - South Africa 38, U.S. 7. National Club - Old Blues, Berkley , Calif. N.C.A.A. - California. Woman's Club Champion - Belmont Shores, California.

Shooting National Rifle and Pistol Champions Pistol - SFC Joseph J. Pascarella, Las Cruces, N. M. Civilian Pistol - Donald Hamilton, Kingston, Mass. Regular service - MSG Bonnie D. Harmon, Ft. Benning, Georgia. Police Pistol - John L. Farley, Americus, Ga. Woman Pistol - SP5 Ruby E. Fox, Parker, Ariz. Small-bore rifle prone - Mary E, Stibworthy, Prescott, Ariz. Civilian small-bore rifle prone - David Ross III, Houston. Women small-bore rifle prone - SP5 Mary E. Sidworthy. Collegiate small-bore rifle prone - SP5 Mary E. Sidworthy. Civilian small-bore rifle position - David B. Lyman, Meriden, Conn. Woman small-bore rifle position - Gloria Parmentier, Fort Benning, Georgia. Collegiate small-bore rifle position -Danny Wigger, Fort Benning, Georgia. U.S.N.R.A. International Champions English Match - Lones Wigger Jr., Fort Benning, Ga. Small-bore rifle three position - Lones Wigger Jr. Air rifle - John A. Rost, Cincinnati. Ladies air rifle - Karen Monez, Willow Park, Tex. Clay Pigeon U.S. International Champions Men - Terry Howard, Scott A.F.B. Ill. Women - Audrey Grosch, Eden Pririe, Minn. Junior - Dayne Johnson, Fort Worth.

Skeet Shooting World Champions Men - Louis Hulgan, McCalla, Ala. Women - Stanka Petrovich, Roselle, N.J. Collegiate - Jeff Sizemore, Corpus Christi, Tex

Shuffleboard U.S. Men - Tom Brown, Huntington, Ind. U.S. Women - Lois Upderaph, Brownsville, Tex.

Skiing Alpine World Cup Champions Overall Phil Mahre, United States. Women - Marie-Theres Nadig, Switzerland. Individual Champions Men Downhill - Harti Weirataher, Austria. Slalom - Ingemar Stenmark, Sweden. Giant Slalom - Ingemar Stenmark. Women Downhill - Marie-Theres Nadig. Slalom - Erica Hess, Switzerland. Giant Slalom - Tamara McKinney, U.S. Collegiate N.C.A.A. - Utah. A.I.A.W. 4-event - Vermont Alpine -Wyoming Nordic - Middlebury.

Soccer European Cup - Liverpool F.C. European Nations' Championship - West Germany. European Cup Winners' Cup - Dinamo Tbslisi, U.S.S.R. U.E.F.A. - Ipswich. United States Champions N.A.S.L. - Chicago Sting. N.A.S.L. MVP - Giorgio Chinaglia, Cosmos. M.I.S.L. - New York Arrows. American Soccer League - Carolina. U.S. Challenge (Open) Cup - Los Angeles Macabees. U.S. Challenge cup for Women - F.C. Ramlosa, Seattle, Wash. U.S. Amateur Cup - Busch Bavarians, St. Louis. Collegiate Champions N.C.A.A. Division I - Connecticut. N.C.A.A. Division II - Tampa. N.C.A.A. Division III - Glassboro St. N.A.I.A. - Quincy College.

Softball United States Champions Men Major Fast Pitch - A D M, Decateur, Ill. Class A Fast Pitch - S.H. Good, Narvon, Pa. Major Slow Pitch - Elite Coating, Gordon, Ga. Class A Slow Pitch - Ray Sears & Son, Gambrills, Md. Modified Pitch - Clinica Asociacion, Miami. Sixteen Inch - Budweiser, Harvey, Ill. Women Major Fast Pitch - Orlando Rebel's Orlando, Fla. Class A Fast Pitch - Montclair 81's, Montclair, N.J. Class A Slow Pitch - Orlando (Fl) Stars. Major Slow Pitch - Tomboys, Tifton, Ga. A.I.A.W. - Utah St.

Speed Skating World Champions Men - Amund Sjoebrend, Norway. Men's Sprint - Frode Roenning, Norway. Women -Natalya Petruseva, U.S.S.R. Women's Sprint - Karin Enke, East Germany. United States Champions Outdoors - Tom Grannes, Minneapolis. Women's Outdoors - Lisa Merrifield, Butte, Mont. Indoor - Scott Drebes, Champaign, Ill. Women's Indoor - Mary Polaski, Colorado Springs.

Squash Racquets World Champion Pro - Sharif Khan, Toronto. U.S. Squash Racquets Assn. Singles - Mark Alger, Seattle. College Team - Harvard. Lapham Cup (singles) - United States. Grant Trophy (doubles) - Canada. North American Open - Sharif Khan. U.S. Women's Squash Racquets Assn. Singles - Barbara Maltby, Philadelphia. Doubles - Joyce Davenport, King of Prussia, Pa Carol Thesieres, Broomall, Pa.

Squash Tennis U.S. Open - Dave Stafford, Bronxville, N.Y.

Swimming U.S. Long-Course Champions Outdoor Men 50-M. Free - Robin Leamy, Mission Viejo, Calif. 100 Free - Chris Cavanaugh, Saratoga, Calif. 200 Free - David Larson, Gainsville, Fla. 400 Free - Jeff Float, Sacramento, Calif. 800 Free - Doug Towne, Tucson, Ariz. 1,500 Free - Max Metzger, Mission Viejo, Calif. 100 Breast - Nick Nevid, Elm Grove, Wis. 200 Breast - Nick Nevid. 100 Back - Rick Carey, Mt. Kisco, N.Y. 200 Back - Jesse Vassallo, Mission Viejo, Calif. 100 Butterfly - Matt Gribble, Miami. 200 Butterfly - Craig Beardsley, Harrington Pk., N.J. 200 Ind. Medley - Bill Barrett, Mission Viejo, Calif. 400 Ind. Medley - Jesse Vassallo. 400 Medley Relay - Longhorn Aquatic A. 400 Freestyle Relay - Mission Viejo. 800 Freestyle Relay - Florida Aquatic A. Women 50-M. Free - Jill Sterkel, Hacienda Hts., Calif. 100 Free - Jill Sterkel. 200 Free - Marybeth Linzmeier, Mission Viejo, Calif. 400 Free - Tiffany Cohen, Mission Viejo, Calif. 800 Free - Marybeth Linzmeier. 1,500 Free - Marybeth Linzmeier. 100 Back - Theresa Andrews, Annapolis, Md. 200 Back - Libby Kinkead, West Chester, Pa. 100 Breast - Tracy Caulkins, Nashville. 200 Breast - Tracy Caulkins. 100 Butterfly - Mary T. Meagher, Louisville, Ky. 200 Butterfly - Mary T. Meagher. 200 Ind. Medley - Tracy Caulkins. 400 Ind. Medley - Tracy Caulkins. 400 Freestyle Relay - Mission Viejo A. 400 Medley Relay - Mission Viejo A. 800 Freestyle Relay - Mission Viejo. National Collegiate Champions 50-Yd. Free - Kris Kirchner, Texas. 100 Free - Rowdy Gaines, Auburn. 200 Free - Rowdy Gaines, Auburn. 500 Free - Doug Towne, Arizona. 1,650 Free - Rafael Escalas, U.C.L.A. 100 Back - Clay Britt, Texas. 200 Back - Wade Flemons, Stanford. 100 Breast - Steve Lundquist, S.M.U. 200 Breast - Steve Lundquist, S.M.U. 100 Butterfly - Scott Spann, Texas. 200 Butterfly - Craig Beardsley, Florida. 200 Ind. Medley - Bill Barrett, U.C.L.A. 400 Ind. Medley - Jesse Vassallo, Miami. 400 Freestyle Relay - Texas. 400 Medley Relay - Texas. 800 Freestyle Relay - Florida. 1-M Dive - Randy Ableman, Iowa. 3-M Dive - Rob Bolinger, Indiana. Division I Team - Univ. Tex.-Austin. Division II Team - Cal State-Northridge. Division III Team - Kenyon. N.A.I.A. - Drury. A.I.A.W. 50-Yd. Free - Jill Sterkel, Texas. 100 Free - Jill Sterkel. 200 Free - Jill Sterkel. 500 Free - Kim Linehan, Texas. 1,650 Free - Kim Linehan. 50 Back - Susan Walsh, N.C 100 Back - Susan Walsh. 200 Back - Cheryl Gibson, Arizona. 50 Breast - Kathy Trieble, Florida. 100 Breast - Kathy Trieble. 200 Breast - Kathy Trieble. 50 Butterfly - Jill Sterkel. 100 Butterfly - Jill Sterkel. 200 Butterfly - Kim Linehan. 100 Ind. Medley - Carol Borgmann, Texas. 200 Ind. Medley - Diane Johnson, Arizona. 400 Ind. Medley - Cheryl Gibson. 200 Medley relay - North Carolina. 400 Freestyle Relay - Stanford. 400 Medley Relay - Arizona. 800 Freestyle Relay - Stanford. 1-M Dive - Karen Gorham, Arkansas-Fay. 3-M Dive - Crissy Gentz, Minnesota-Minn. Division I Team - Texas. Division II Team - Clarion St. Division III Team - Calif. St.-Sacramento. Synchronized

Swimming United States Champions Figure - Tracie Ruiz, Washington. Solo - Tracie Ruiz. Duet - Tracie Ruiz, Candy Costie, Washington. Team - Walnut Creek, California. Indoor team - Arizona.

Table Tennis World Cup Men - Guo Yuehua, China. Women - Tong Ling, China. Men's Team -China. Women's Team - China.

Team Handball United States Champions Men - Jersey Jets. Women - New England. Collegiate - U. S. Military Academy.

Tennis International Team Champions Davis Cup (Men) - United States. Federation Cup (Women) - United States. Wightman Cup (Women) - United States. United States Open Champions Singles - John McEnroe. Women's Singles - Tracy Austin. Men's Doubles - John McEnroe and Peter Fleming. Women's Doubles - Anne Smith and Kathy Jordan. Mixed Doubles - Anne Smith and Keven Smith. Men's 35 Singles - Jaime Fillol. Women's 35 Singles - Kathy Chabot Willette. Senior Men's Doubles - Fred Stolle and Pancho Segura. Girls Junior Singles - Zina Garrison. Boys Junior Singles - Thomas Hoegstedt. Other United States Champions N.C.A.A. Division I, Tim Mayotte, Stanford N.C.A.A. Division II, Ken Flach, So. Illinois-Edwardsville N.C.A.A Division III, Donovan Jones, Claremont College. N.C.A.A. Doubles - D. Pate and K. Richter, Texas Christian. N.A.I.A. Singles - Brian Lusson, Southwest Texas St. N.A.I.A. Women - Pat Smith, Grand Canyon College. N.A.I.A. Team - Southwest Texas St. N.A.I.A. Women's Team - tie Guilford College Grand Canyon College. N.C.A.A. - Stanford. A.I.A.W. - Anna Maria Fernandez, U.S.C. A.I.A.W. Team - California at L.A. Foreign Opens Wimbledon Men - John McEnroe. Wimbledon Women - Chris Evert Lloyd. Australian Men - Brian Teacher. Australian Women - Martina Navratilova. French Men - Bjorn Borg. French Women - Hana Mandlikova. Italian Men - Jose-Luis Clerc. Italian Women - Chris Evert Lloyd. Masters Grand Prix Champions Singles - Bjorn Borg. Doubles - Fleming-McEnroe. Professional Champions Leading Money Winner - John McEnroe. Women - Martina Navratilova.

Track and Field Athletics Congress Men's Outdoor 100 M. - Carl Lewis, Santa Monica Track. 200 - Jeff Phillips, Philadelphia Pioneers. 400 - Cliff Wiley, D.C. International. 800 - James Robinson, Inner City Athletic. 1,500 - Sidney Maree, Athletic Attic. 3,000 steeplechase - Henry Marsh, Athletics West. 5,000 - Matt Centrowitz, N.Y.A.C. 10,000 - Alberto Salazar, Athletics West. 5,000 M. Walk - Ray Sharp, Athletic Attic. 110 Hurdles - Greg Foster, Shaklee Track. 400 Hurdles - Edwin Moses, unattached. High Jump - Tyke Peacock, Modesto J.C. Pole Vault - Billy Olsen, Pac. Coast Club. Long Jump - Carl Lewis, Santa Monica Track Club. Triple Jump - Willie Banks, Athletics West. Shot-Put - Dave Laut, Athletics West. Discus - Ben Plucknett, Southern California Striders. Javelin - Bruce Kennedy, Pacific Coast Club. Hammer - Richard Olsen, N.Y. Atletic Club -Norway. Athletics Congress Women's Outdoor Champions 100 M. - Evelyn Ashford, Medalist Track. 200 - Evelyn Ashford. 400 - Denean Howard, Shaklee Track Club. 800 - Madeline Manning, Oral Roberts Track Club. 1,500 - Jan Merrill, Age Group Athletic. 3,000 - Brenda Webb, Athletics West. 10,000 - Joan Benoit, Athletics West. 5,000 m. Walk - Susan Liers-Westerfield, Island Track Club. 100 Hurdles - Stephanie Hightower, L.A., Naturite. 400 Hurdles - Sandy Myers, L.A., Naturite. 400-M. Relay - Shaklee Track Club. 1,600 Relay - Los Angeles Naturite. 3,200 Relay - SportsWest. High Jump - Pam Spencer, L.A., Naturite. Long Jump - Jodi Anderson, L.A., Naturite. Shot-Put - Denise Wood, Knoxville Track. Discus - Leslie Deniz, Sun Devils Sports. Javelin - Karin Smith, Medalist Track Club. N.C.A.A. Outdoor Champions 100 M. - Carl Lewis, Houston. 200 - Dwayne Evans, Arizona. 400 - Bert Cameron, Texas-El Paso. 800 - Sammy Koskei, Southern Methodist. 1,500 - Sydney Maree, Villanova. 3,000 steeplechase - Solomon Chebor, F.D.U. 5,000 - Suleiman Nyambui, Texas-El Paso. 10,000 - Suleiman Nyambui. 110 Hurdles - Larry Cowling, California. 400 Hurdles - Andre Phillips, U.C.L.A. 400 Relay - Northwestern. 1,600 Relay - Tennessee. High Jump - Leo Williams, Navy. Pole Vault - Dave Voltz, Indiana. Long Jump - Carl Lewis, Houston. Triple Jump - Steve Hanna, Texas-El Paso. Shot-Put - Mike Carter, S.M.U. Discus - Scott Crowell, Iowa St. Javelin - Mike Juskus, Glassboro St. Hammer - Richard Olsen, S.M.U. Decathlon - Tito Steiner, Brigham Young. Team - Texas-El Paso. Other Champions U.S. Indoor Pentathlon - Scott Daniels. U.S. Women's Indoor Pentathlon - Marlene Harmon. U.S. Women's Heptathlon - Jane Frederick, Athletics West. Boston Marathon - Toshihiko Seko, Alison Roe. New York Marathon - Alberto Salazar, Allison Roe. World Cross Country - Craig Virgin-Grete Waitz, Norway.

Volleyball United States Champions Men - Nautilus/Nike, Calif. Women - Utah State, Logan Utah. N.C.A.A. - U.C.L.A. A.I.A.W. - Southern California.

Water Polo U.S. Men's Outdoor - Industry Hills, Calif. U.S. Women's Outdoor - Industry Hills, Calif. U.S. Men's Indoor - N.Y.A.C U.S. Women's Indoor - Industry Hills, Calif. N.C.A.A. - Stanford. FINA World Cup - U.S.S.R.

Water Skiing United States Champions Men's overall - Sammy Duvall, Greenville, S. C.. Women's Overall - Karin Roberge, Orlando, Fla.

Question & Answers, with Muscle & Fitness

Question: I want to build strength. Is running before my workouts a bad idea?

Answer: I suggest running after you train. While five to ten minutes of low intensity running is a decent warm-up, cardio sessions that last longer than five minutes pre-workout can lead to muscular fatigue and use up energy stored that could play a huge role in helping your push more weight and attain new PRs.

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The Washington Football Team's Black Engagement Network (B.E.N.) has a mission to create a diverse and inclusive culture within the NFL for employees at every level. We seek to acquire, develop, and retain African American talent, while serving the communities in which we live, work and play.

Washington BEN Shop Black Directory

We encourage our fans to support the black-owned small businesses that serve our community. The Washington Football Team's Black Engagement Network developed a Shop Black Shopping & Dining Directory of small businesses from all over the DMV that are owned by African Americans. Click below to start shopping or to add your business to the directory!

Empower, Support, And Enrich Women

In 2020, the Women's Initiative Network (WIN) was established as an internal resource for the Team's female professionals. WIN supports allyship, mentorship, career development, and community.

World Baseball Classic 2017: Team China is just looking for a win

As the 2017 World Baseball Classic is set to begin, Team China is keeping expectations low. “We come in here with the thought that we need to win a game,” manager John McLaren told in January.

That sounds depressing, but it’s realistic. After going winless during the first WBC, China has won exactly one game in each of the past two, and they seem just fine with that result.

The truth is, there’s just not a lot of talent on the roster. Former Kansas City Royals pitcher Bruce Chen is the only player with major-league experience. There are some players on the roster who have minor-league experience, but none of them have a future in the majors.

With that in mind, China’s goal should remain small. They’ll take on some formidable opponents in Round 1, so winning one game would be a significant accomplishment. If they can somehow steal a second win, China could advance past Round 1 of the WBC for the first time.

Schedule details: China is part of Pool B, and will play the first round of the tournament in Tokyo. Their first game is against Team Cuba, and will take place Tuesday, March 7 at 10 p.m. ET. After playing Cuba, they’ll take on Team Australia March 9 and Team Japan March 10.

’13 finish: China went just 1-2 in 2013, with their only win coming against Team Brazil. They were defeated by both Cuba and Japan, who they’ll have to play again in 2017. Team China’s 1-2 finish was not enough to push them past Round 1 of the tournament.

Biggest star: There’s only one player on Team China with major-league experience, and that’s former Kansas City Royals pitcher Bruce Chen. The 39-year-old played for 11 different clubs over his 17-year career in Major League Baseball, six of which came with the Royals. Chen had a few solid seasons, but was never a standout player. He finished his MLB career with a 4.62 ERA over 1,532 innings.

Notable absence: St. Louis Cardinals infielder Kolten Wong is the biggest name missing here. He’s never participated in the tournament before, however, so his absence shouldn’t come as a surprise. On top of that, Wong isn’t guaranteed a starting spot with the Cardinals this spring. The team needs to find playing time for him, Jedd Gyorko, Jhonny Peralta, Matt Adams and Matt Carpenter. It makes sense for Wong to stay back with the team and prove he deserves to be the full-time second baseman.

Washington Nationals pitcher Vance Worley is also missing from the roster. He’s not assured of a spot on the Nationals’ 25-man roster, and would probably benefit from staying in camp and showing the coaches he belongs.

Player you should get familiar with: First baseman/outfielder Gui Yuan Xu. Unless Chen decides to go the Eric Gagne route and attempts a comeback, Xu stands the best chance of eventually making the majors. The 21-year-old spent 2016 with the Baltimore Orioles Gulf Coast League team. He hit .247/.271/.284 over 85 plate appearances.

Infielder Ray Chang and shortstop Joey Wong also have experience in the minors leagues, but both players are currently free agents.

Do they have a chance to win? Nope. Team China’s main focus will likely be advancing past the first round. If they can do that, their appearance will be considered a success.


Can they play the underdog? There’s no way to sugarcoat it: No one expects anything from Team China. Their own manager said the goal is about winning one game in the tournament. One win would be huge for them, but it won’t be enough to advance them past the first round. If Team China can somehow pull out a second victory, they would easily be the best underdog story in the WBC. That would be a lot of fun, even if it’s unlikely.

Does Bruce Chen have anything left? Admittedly, this isn’t all that exciting. There aren’t a lot of people clamoring for Bruce Chen to make a comeback, especially considering he posted an 8.07 ERA over his last 54 2/3 innings in the majors. But with Eric Gagne talking about a return, maybe Chen will get the itch to try and get back to the majors. Crazier things have happened, right?

Why should I watch this team? Well, everyone loves an underdog. If Team China pulls off a win, you can enjoy the entire team celebrating as if they won the World Series. There’s something incredibly satisfying about watching a team overcome gigantic odds. On top of that, there’s always potential to see history or some type of fun fact. Did you know Wei Wang, the team’s catcher, was the first player to hit a home run in the WBC? He’s now 38 and still playing for the club. Perhaps another player will make history with a strong showing?

Watch the video: Highlights World Cup 2022 Qualifiers Asia Region: GUAM 0:7 CHINA. 30052021 (July 2022).


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