Another Look at the Uprising of the Townsmen of Vic (1181-1183)

Another Look at the Uprising of the Townsmen of Vic (1181-1183)

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Another Look at the Uprising of the Townsmen of Vic (1181-1183)

By Paul H. Freedman

Acta historica et archaeologica mediaevalia, No.20-21 (1999)

Introduction: This article, an inadequate but heartfelt tribute to Manuel Riu, revisits an incident in the history of the city of Vic that I wrote about at the beginning of my academic career. In returning to the attempt of leading townsmen of Vic in the latetwelfth century to defy the bishop’s jurisdiction I am reminded of the kindness and encouragement received from Professor Riu more than twenty years ago and throughout all the intervening period.

Between 1205 and 1211 Guillem de Montcada and Bishop Guillem de Tavertet engaged in a ferocious struggle concerning jurisdiction over the city of Vic. The bishop excommunicated Guillem de Montcada and appealed to the archbishop of Tarragona (with only indifferent success), denouncing in bitter terms the devastation wreaked by his opponent in violently furthering his claims.

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