Crac des Chevaliers in danger as Syrian forces shell town around medieval castle

Crac des Chevaliers in danger as Syrian forces shell town around medieval castle

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Video emerged yesterday which appears to show that the town surrounding Crac des Chevaliers in Syria under artillery fire from Syrian forces. The two-minute video was posted on Youtube by Souria2011archives, an anti-government source that has uploaded over two thousand videos related to the uprising against the Assad regime.

The video shows the town below the castle being hit with artillery blasts – one building can even be seen smoking after being struck. The footage is too poor to see if the medieval fortress has been damaged from the fighting.

A message posted with the video states: “The townspeople who live below Krak Des Chevalier unanimously hate the Dictator and want him toppled and are holding large and regular anti-regime protests. In response the dictator is now destroying the town and the Castle above it.”

Syrian civilians have been waging an uprising against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad for over a year. Some observers are worried that the fighting could damage or destroy many of the country’s ancient and medieval treasures.

For more information on the uprising, please visit the BBC News website

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