Ten Great Anglo-Saxon Girls’ Names

Ten Great Anglo-Saxon Girls’ Names

Elisabeth Okasha’s book Women’s Names in Old English details close to 300 female names from Anglo-Saxon England. Most names were chosen from two words, such as bregu (ruler), wif (woman) and cynn (family).

We’ve come up with our ten favourite girls’ names – if you are considering a different type of baby name, perhaps you will pick one of these!

Blaedswith (Blædswiþ) – from splendour and strong

Cwenhild – from woman and war

Cynewise – from family and wise

Eawynn – from river and joy

Leofgifu – from love and gift

Mildritha (Mildþryþ) – from kind and might

Sigeburg – from victory and dwelling

Sweterun – from sweet and mystery

Tate – means ‘to gladden’. This could also be a shortened form of the name Tatswiþ, which is a combination of glad and strong.

Wynflaed – from joy and beauty

Women’s Names in Old Englishwas published in 2011 by Ashgate. Since no text exists from Anglo-Saxon England to explain why these people choose the names that they did, this study attempts looks at what made a female name in England over a thousand years ago. .

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