Chaucer in Iceland

Chaucer in Iceland

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Chaucer in Iceland

Video by Liam Lewis

In July 2014 I attended the 19th International Congress of the New Chaucer Society, one of the largest and most important academic societies for the study of medieval English literature. The congress took placed at the University of Iceland in Reykjavík. My project is called Chaucer in Iceland and its main aim was to take the congress in Iceland as a case study for looking at the impact of Scandinavia identity on contemporary medieval studies. My own research was primarily guided by thinking how the location of the congress affected the research that came from it. During my stay in Reykjavík I soon found out that my initial ideas about how national identity and contemporary research were linked were a lot more complicated than I previously imagined. But I also found out that there was a definite and very tangible link between place, identity and research, which I hope to introduce you to in the next few minutes.

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