Medieval Warfare Magazine – Volume V Issue 1

Medieval Warfare Magazine – Volume V Issue 1

A new issue of Medieval Warfare Magazine has hit the shelves. The theme for this issue is Traitors in the Middle Ages

Articles include:

  • Kenneth Cline,’Historical introduction’.
  • Kenneth Cline, ‘The Doukai and Byzantine military decline’
  • Martin Dougherty, ‘Storm by guile – alternatives of siege warfare’.
  • Nils Visser, ‘Marriage politics – Jacqueline of Hainaut’.
  • Filippo Donvito, ‘The Battle of the River Talas – The Abbasid Caliphate vs the Chinese Tang dynasty’.
  • Sidney Dean, ‘The Despenser War – Roger the Mortimer vs Edward II’.
  • Joseph Hall, ‘The Stanleys’ betrayal during the War of the Roses’.

You can also read other features, such as:

  • Oliver Bangerter, ‘The Swiss Pike’.
  • Murray Dahm, ‘In the Shieldwall with Waldere – a new context for poetic fragments’
  • Morgan Kuberry, ‘Moving the collection of the Higgins Armoury Museum’

Dirk van Gorp, the Editor of Medieval Warfare Magazine, talks about this issue: “A popular image of the Middle Ages is one of chivalrous knights and epic battles, of sieges, Vikings and brave crusaders. For those more interested in the topic, many more topics may spring to mind. However, conventional tactics were only one side of the coin. Medieval politics was often complicated, usually involving elaborate ties of loyalty, vassalage and kinship. If capable and lucky, ambitious politicians could find themselves holding the highest posts; the less fortunate or skilled, however, could fall very fast and far indeed. In such a world of ever-shifting alliance and changing loyalties, betrayal and treachery might sometimes be the fastest and surest way to wealth and power. By supporting the right man at the right time, people could shift the balance of power from one to the another, both in court as well as on the battlefield, often with decisive results. This issue of Medieval Warfare discusses several fascinating and exemplary episodes in medieval military history, where treachery and betrayal could determine the fate of garrisons and nations alike. “

Watch the video: Medieval Warfare - Issue IX:5 (September 2021).