The Medievalverse – Issue 3

The Medievalverse – Issue 3

Our third issue is now ready! We go to Paris this week, with three exclusive features:

The Catacombs – Go down into the depths of Paris, which has a fascinating and macabre past going back to the Middle Ages

Life in War-torn Paris – an account from 15th century Paris, which describes life under English rule and the attack on the city by Joan of Arc

Saint-Sevérin – take a look at this hidden medieval gem in the city.

You can also read 10 articles more, including:

How to restore virginity – advice from Caterina Sforza

10 Creepy Things to See at the Louvre That Are Better Than the Mona Lisa

The Universal Atlas of Fernão Vaz Dourado

Discovering the ‘killer blow’ to King Richard III

Picts offer historians a picture of non-Roman Briton culture

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