Free online course on the Battle of Agincourt begins in October

Free online course on the Battle of Agincourt begins in October

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One of the leading experts on the famous Battle of Agincourt will be part of a free online course that begins on October 19th.

The University of Southampton is teaming up with FutureLearn to create Agincourt 1415: Myth and Reality, a special two-week course that will explore the battle, which is marking its 600th anniversary on October 25th. The course will be led by Professor Anne Curry, who is the foremost expert on the battle.

FutureLearn explains about the course:

With Anne, you will learn about the preparations for the battle and its context within the Hundred Years’ War between England and France. You will consider the legitimacy of Henry V’s claim to the French throne and whether his actions in going to battle were justified.

Using original archive documents, you will also learn more about the soldiers who met on the field of battle. Who was in the English army and what was it like to be a medieval soldier? Which places in England have significance for the battle? Where was the army recruited from and could YOUR ancestor have taken part in the battle?

You will then learn about what happened during the battle itself, and examine how myths about the battle have built up over subsequent years. Dan Spencer, one of Anne’s PhD researchers, will examine the kinds of guns and other weaponry which could be found on the medieval battlefield. He will explore how and why the longbow was used at Agincourt with such devastating effect.

Finally, we will visit the battlefield itself, to examine what remains at Agincourt today. You will learn about the modern site of the battle and how scientific historical research can transform our understanding of an event which took place 600 years ago. The course will coincide with the anniversary of the battle and will feature contributions from a range of experts on Agincourt.

To sign up for this free course, please visit FutureLearn.

Excited to be working on #FLagincourt. Filming at Agincourt 600 @AnneAgincourt and meeting some fantastic speakers pic.twitter.com/MCINSWD6UH

— Kate Borthwick (@KBorthwick) July 31, 2015

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