The Medieval Magazine: Monasticism (Volume 2 Issue 3)

The Medieval Magazine: Monasticism (Volume 2 Issue 3)

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Monasticism in the Middle Ages is the focus of this week’s issue of the magazine – we take a look at the role of abbot and the challenges of managing a medieval monastery. You can also read about the Teutonic Knights, the sanctuary of Michael Skellig, and how a 600-year old ship was raised from a river last week.

Inside this issue:

Abbot Samson, CEO of Bury St Edmunds

Military Monks: The Teutonic Knights

Were medieval monks obese?

Of Myths, Fairy Tales and TV Series

600-Year Old Ship Raised from Dutch River

Tales from Sacchetti: The Sermon

and much more

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Watch the video: Monastic Life at Holy Cross Abbey (June 2022).


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