Get ready for medieval zombies on film!

Get ready for medieval zombies on film!

Horror just got medieval! An Australian filmmaker is set to expand a short film about crusaders fighting zombies, hoping to create a web series. A fundraising campaign is now underway to give Black Crusade the chance to unleash its undead horde.

Directed by Nick Lines, Black Crusade is described as a mix of “Medieval Fantasy and Zombie Horror.” The original short film was created in 2015 as the second part of a horror anthology. After winning praise and an award at a Los Angeles film festival, Lines started work on creating a longer version of the short, hoping that it will become the first episode of a web series.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of the crusades and anything medieval in general, explains Lines. “The idea of a Crusader in an alternate history, fighting his way through a horde of zombies, felt like a good fit for my horror anthology. I wanted it to be more fantastical, and hint to a larger story… The Middle ages have been represented in many films, but the mix of Crusaders and Fantasy Horror is something new. I wanted to take Ironclad, Lord of the Rings and 28 Days later and throw them all together.”

Sarah-Jane Dalby and Steve Alderfer star in the film. The trailer, which was recently released, is part of a crowdfunding campaign for Black Crusade. Lines explains, “the purpose of the fundraiser is really just to get people involved, and fans to share their appreciation for the project. Every cent earned will go into producing more work, and just speeds up the process. The more money we get, the more we can create. $1000 gets another short, $5000 gets more episodes and more content in less time, etc. The goal is to create a 6 episode online series, and a graphic novel/comic to supplement the story. I have an amazing crew of talented artists who are all onboard and ready to make more content.”

To learn more about the film and to contribute to the fundraising drive, please visit JointheBlackCrusade.com

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