The Middle Ages well-represented in The Cambridge History of Ireland

The Middle Ages well-represented in The Cambridge History of Ireland

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Cambridge University Press has come out with its major new survey of Irish history. Known as The Cambridge History of Ireland, this four-volume work tracks the island from the year 600 AD to the present-day.

The first volume focuses on the medieval period and is edited by Brendan Smith, a professor at the University of Bristol. He worked with seventeen specialist historians from across the world to examine the latest thinking on the medieval Irish experience with special reference to the wider European context.

“Because of its geographical position there has been a tendency to see Ireland and its issues as peripheral to developments in medieval Europe,” Professor Smith explained.

“This new examination looks at recent research to explore how integrated Ireland was in movements such as the spread of Christianity and the island’s role in inspiring the development of Arthurian romance and courtly literature across the continent. The book has been written to be inspiring for both scholars and general readers of Irish history alike.”

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