How the borders of the Barbarian Kingdoms changed in the Middle Ages

How the borders of the Barbarian Kingdoms changed in the Middle Ages

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As the Western Roman Empire declined in the fourth century, a number of Germanic, Hunnic, and other peoples established states for themselves. Collective known as the Barbarian Kingdoms, here are eight videos that show the rise and fall of these states.

Prussian Mapping created this video to show various Germanic Kingdoms in southwestern Europe and North Africa, between the years 410 and 774.

Jake Mapping created this video to focus on the Hunnic Kingdom between the years 360 and 469.

MasterBeiber Everything offers this video on the Vandals, going up to year 534.

Finally, EmperorTigerstar has made a series of videos on various Barbarian kingdoms, including the Goths, Alans, Lombards, Seuvi and Burgundians

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