16th century Scottish castle for sale

16th century Scottish castle for sale

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Knockhall Castle

Newburgh, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Asking Price: £130,000

The ruins of a Scottish castle dating back to the 16th century can be yours for just £130,000. Knockhall Castle was built in 1565 by Lord Sinclair of Newburgh and would trade hands between various Scottish lords in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. However, a fire gutted the building in 1734.

The remains of the castle are still impressive. It rises to over fourteen metres high, with walls 1.2 metres thick. One of the entrances has an inscription dating back to 1565, and exploring the building will reveal windows, gunloops, a fireplace, a sink and other features.

It has been listed as a Scheduled Monument by Historic Environment Scotland. On their website the describe the national importance of Knockhall Castle:

…it is a well preserved example of a fortified tower-house built in the sixteenth and renovated in the seventeenth century, which retains part of its enclosing barmkin and a separate defensive round tower. Individually and as part of the body of surviving Medieval domestic residences it provides architectural, cultural and scientific evidence retrievable through excavation and analysis which has the potential to increase our knowledge of late Medieval/early modern Scotland.

Those interested in the castle should know they will also have to maintain the historic site, and it is being marketed as something that can be restored to its past glory. The castle is being listed for sale by Savills. Their estate agent, Fiona Gormley, explains:

The castle and site at Knockhall have been responsibly stabilised by the current owner, who is something of an expert on the restoration of ancient buildings; it now just remains for the right buyer to become inspired to create an amazing home and/or business.

Top Image: Photo by Ian Cleland / Wikimedia Commons

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